We've come up with a kit that will clean and protect your handpan with great effect and a video that will guide you step by step through the entire process.

    The biggest concern people have is rust. Great news is that all VIBE Handpans are nitrided and will not rust. But in case you have a handpan that is not nitrided and it rusts then this kit is perfect for you.


    It has everything you will need to keep your handpan healthy and good looking while you express your inner emotions through it.

With one kit you will have enough for minimum of four cleanings or at least one year. You will receive a kit when purchasing one of our handpans or you can buy it separately for €30. The price includes world wide shipping. It's a great price to protect your big investment of a handpan. Don't miss this great oppurtunity for a great price! You can order one by sending us a message at:


    Please watch a video we created to help and guide you step by step on applying different features of the maintenance kit. Enjoy!